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Digital Services - Everything your online presence needs

Many successful offline businesses struggle when they start selling online. They discover that in the online world, the challenge of ‘how to sell’ is bigger than the challenge of ‘what to sell’. The number of things that need to work together - website, content, copy, images, SEO, campaigns, creatives, etc. - often leaves one confused. If this sounds like you, Sakhsham is here to help.


At Sakhsham, we recommend you start with the following three pillars to start building your online business:

SMART goals for the online presence of your business
Delivering a world-class experience for online customers
Achieving consistent growth in online business

Sakhsham, Your eCommerce process partner

We understand the importance of an effective digital presence for your business. Building an online presence is 1% creativity and 99% process. The ability to know, manage and run the process precisely day after day is what makes the difference between a great online brand and others. We help you build a process to grow your online eCommerce business consistently using multiple platforms. We manage your third-party marketplaces and also run your performance marketing campaigns. We are the one process partner you need for growing your online business.

Proven solutions for growing your eCommerce business

Sakhsham has seasoned specialists in eCommerce sales, web store development, digital marketing, and online campaign management. A qualified and experienced team of technology professionals, content writers, and graphic designers ensures that your online store stands out. Our services include:

Website design & development

Catalog image processing

Product description writing

Catalog product data updating

Product data entry

Product SEO services

Multi-brand marketplace management (Amazon, Flipkart, etc.)


Increased revenue through optimized marketing

More Visibility. More Leads. More Sales. More Revenue. That is what Sakhsham digital marketing services bring to you. Grow your online business revenue with:


Search engine optimization (SEO)

Social media management (SMM)

Performance Marketing Campaigns

Facebook ads

Google ads

Email marketing

Professional copywriting

Content marketing

Consistent growth through organic traffic and new customers

Sakhsham Knowledge Services provides proven solutions, increased revenue, and consistent growth for your web presence. With Sakhsham, actionable insights from your website data drive increased internet visibility of your site, identification of new customers, and improved customer engagement.


With Sakhsham, you get the right engagement model and a team with the required skill set to best answer your eCommerce requirements. We offer:


Scalable teams with diverse skill sets.

Highly adaptive and agile outcome-based approach.

Platform agnostic approach covering Indian and foreign platforms.

Structured and documented workflow.

Quick turnaround for actionable insights.

Customized service tailored to your needs.

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Talk to us

We would be happy to discuss and advise you the solution that works best for your specific need.

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