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About Us
7 years in business. 7 countries served. 100+ projects delivered.


About Us

Starting in January 2015, today we are 50+ full-time associates strong.

We help companies scale their processes.

We specialize in managing and delivering large volumes of data.

Our clients range from publicly listed multi-billion dollar corporations to startups. 

We have delivered 100+ project engagements for clients across 7 countries.

Our consistent, high-quality process management delivers results that power growth for our clients.

We currently serve leading clients across India, Canada, France, Singapore, South Korea, Sweden, and UK.

Our Work

An indicative list of our past and current engagements include:

  • Image and text annotation for receipts, vehicles, and license plates

  • Geolocation mapping and geotagging for locations across the World

  • Event database creation and management for multiple countries

  • B2B sales database of IT companies, schools, restaurants, hotels, travel agents, and numerous other businesses.

  • Bank statement analysis, KYC, customer qualification, and onboarding for B2C and B2B SME lending

  • Content creation in large volumes across blogs, graphics, and short videos for social media and crypto platforms


Our Leadership Team


Rohit Pandey

Co-founder & CEO

  • LinkedIn

Ann Eapen Kochekkan

Co-founder & COO

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