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 Precision Farming Powered by Data 

For AgriTech companies working on building AI/ML-based precision agriculture solutions, Sakhsham data management services help annotate and process the data in real-time. Better data helps scientists improve the overall harvest quality and accuracy and increase the yield per unit of land.

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Sakhsham, Your process partner

We understand the need for accurate training data for AI and machine learning in agriculture and smart farming. Semantic segmentation and polygon annotation are commonly applied to use cases of artificial intelligence in agriculture. Our annotation services can help improve dataset quality, volume, and real-time feedback loop for training your AI/ML model.

Our Data Annotation services for Ag-Tech applications

Bounding Box.png
Bounding Box
Semantic Segmentation
3D Cuboid.png
3D Cuboid

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence to transform the agricultural sector

Farmers worldwide are adopting the power of data to increase crop yields. Data helps farmers become sustainable and reduce overall expenses. AI in agriculture helps detect plant disease and pests, livestock management, and soil health monitoring. 

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Sakhsham data annotation services cover most agricultural technology use-cases

agri robotinc.jpg
Agricultural Robotics
livestock health mgmt.jpg
Livestock Health Monitoring
livestock detection.jpg
Annotation for Livestock Detection
intellegent spray.jpg
Intelligent Spraying
automatic weeding.jpg
Automatic Weeding
aerial survey and imaging.jpg
Aerial Survey and Imaging
produce grading.jpg
Produce Grading and Sorting
crop health & soil monitoring.jpg
Crop Health and Soil Monitoring
plant fructification.jpg
Check Plants Fructification
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Use Sakhsham data annotation to train your AgriTech machine learning models

Sakhsham Knowledge Services provides data labeling and image annotation services for Agri Tech companies working to develop and scale their AI products to meet farmers’ needs.

With Sakhsham, you get the suitable skill set, the right team size, and the right engagement model to best suit your labeling and annotation needs.
For data management needs of AgriTech companies, Sakhsham provides:

  • Scalable team size with teams starting as small as two members.

  • 24x7 operations.

  • Highly adaptive and agile teams.

  • Platform agnostic approach - we work with your chosen platforms.

  • Structured and documented workflow

  • Quick turnaround for individual data sets.

  • Customized service tailored to your needs

Why choose us?

We don’t just do projects; we build relationships. You have a partner with experience managing short projects as much as long-term, sustained, captive teams with us. We are dedicated to delivering maximum efficiency, accuracy, economy, and customer delight. With us, you can start small and then go deeper into the engagement.

Our core values

  • We are committed to not only the process but the end results. 

  • We are responsive to your evolving needs and adapt accordingly.

  • We are transparent and keep you in the loop as things change.

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Highly Accurate

At Sakhsham we provide high-quality data entry services and focus on delivering through multiple stages of audits and reviews of processed data.


Fully Scalable

We are platform agnostic and work with you on the tools of your choice. Smaller teams first perfect the process to deliver high accuracy output. When pilot teams qualify as subject matter experts, they scale the teams to deliver high volumes with high accuracy.


Competitive Pricing

With us, you not only save time crunching data but also save around 30-60% of your operation cost.

Talk to us

We would be happy to discuss and advise you the solution that works best for your specific need.

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